A Paddington Bear 1st Birthday

To say that I was excited when I found out I would be working on this Paddington Bear birthday is an understatement. This sweet bear has stolen so many hearts including those of my client, mama to the birthday boy. She loved the tie in with London since she is a fan of travel and the fact that it was so gender neutral for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention the fact that the birthday boy could wear his yellow Wellies for pictures...simply adorable!
Paddington Bear 1st birthday Welcome sign and decor
The overall concept of the party focused on Paddington being found at the train station. Suitcases were going to be a main theme throughout the party...from decor to favors, everything would revolve around luggage. From there, the idea of an eclectic "Lost Property and Unclaimed Luggage" cake table was born. 
Paddington bear themed cake table
--------  photography by Michael Mathews  --------
I knew curating the items for the cake table was going to be the best part of the planning process! I visited many flea markets and antique type shops in the area to find items that could typically be lost at a station. My client already had some London themed toys and those cute Wellies in the birthday boy's room so we pulled those out and then I borrowed some of my own children's toys to round everything out. All of the suitcases were also purchased second hand and then I simply wrapped some boxes in brown paper and twine to add to the look. 
london paddington themed party decorations paddington party lost items cake table
paddington bear cake table 
Mixed in among the lost items and suitcases were the spectacular custom cake and sweets created for the party by local baker, A Custom Kreation. I wanted to have a couple of themed items such as the London Underground cake and the Paddington cupcakes but the rest were simply in the red and blue color scheme.
A very special custom rainbow cake topper was made by Rusted Anchor by Kathy on Etsy in the color palette to represent the fact that the birthday boy is a rainbow baby. 
Another showstopper from the cake table were the custom cookies and meringues made by Voodoo Cookie Co. Her artistry and attention to detail always amaze me.
paddington bear london themed birthday cake with rainbow topper
paddington bear themed birthday party sweets Paddington bear cupcakesPaddington bear and london themed custom cookies
  red and white meringue cookies for london themed party Paddington bear themed pretzel rods

 While the food was kept simple as grab and go, including popcorn in adorable red telephone booth boxes, I did focus some attention on the beverage stations which included a tea station...after all it is set in London.

Paddington bear beverage station London themed beverage station

 Paddington London telephone booth popcorn boxes

Paddington bear tea station


The favors were SO exciting, both for me to put together and the guests to receive. There were three different types of favors, something for everyone!

Theo bar party favors

Theo bars were given in honor of the birthday boy, Theodore.

Marmalade sandwich cookie kits were given to each family. One of my favorite things from this party, the kits were made up of two custom sugar cookies air-brushed to look like bread (made by Voodoo Cookie Co) and a little jar of orange marmalade. A favor that even Paddington's Aunt Lucy would be proud of!

Paddington bear cookie party favors

Paddington party favors | marmalade sandwiches cookie kits

And finally, every child was able to claim a kraft paper suitcase (purchased on Amazon) with their initials stenciled on the front. The contents depended on their age...littlest ones were given a double decker bus toy, a Paddington book, jumbo crayons and themed coloring sheets while older children were given Double Decker bus Lego sets, colored pencils and themed activity and write your own story sheets.

Suitcase favor boxes for a London Paddington themed birthday partyPaddington Suitcase Party Favors

A fun spot for photos with family and friends is a must for any party! 
For this themed photo area, I created a giant organic rainbow balloon arch in the same color palette as the cake topper and used a simple fabric backdrop (purchased on Amazon). Guests had a great time snapping selfies in London and the family was able to finally get some adorable family photos to hang up in the birthday boys room!
London themed photo backdrop and balloon arch
If you are a fan of Paddington Bear and are looking for a perfect theme for your baby shower, a 1st birthday or a gender neutral toddler party...I highly recommend grabbing your suitcase and Wellies and working on a party like this!
Bear shaped party plates
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Paddington Bear Party Ideas and Supplies

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