What We Are Loving - Pirate

Literati Party's Favorite Pirate Themed Kids Birthday Party Supplies, Toys, Dress Up Costumes
1. Pirate Plates $4.50 for pack of 6, www.literatiparty.com 2. Pirate’s Booty $6.00, Local Grocery Store 3. Pirate Ship Cake Topper $9.00, www.literatiparty.com  4. Pirate Ship Toy $49.99, www.amazon.com  5. Parrot Napkins $7.00, www.literatiparty.com  6. Pirate Temporary Tattoos $4.00, www.literatiparty.com  7. Pirate Book $16.99, www.bn.com (also available at www.literatiparty.com as part of the Pirate Storybook Party Box)  8. Pirate Dress Up Costume $29.99, www.melissaanddoug.com  9. Pop-up Pirate Game $13.99, www.amazon.com

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